shrink-wrap ˈshrink-wrap noun [uncountable]
tight plastic wrapping for goods:

• The plastic shrink-wrap prevents tampering.

— shrink-wrap verb [transitive] :

• The free gift is shrink-wrapped and glued to the magazine page.

* * *

shrink-wrap UK US noun [U] (also shrink-wrapping)
thin transparent plastic that is tightly wrapped around goods in order to protect them from damage: »

The retailer is asking vendors to use less shrink-wrap for shipping.

shrink-wrap UK US verb [T] (-pp-)
to cover a product tightly in plastic in order to protect it from damage: »

The carton must be shrink-wrapped so it's easy to tell if it has been opened before purchase.

shrink-wrapped adjective [before noun]

a shrink-wrapped box/package/bundle

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